Make Up and Hair

Supplies you will Need

Black or Brown Elastic Rubber Bands
Use to tie your poof
Hair Spray
Use to help hold hair in place (Poof & Pony tail)
Teasing Comb
Use to tease poof (your comb doesn't have to look like this one any teasing comb will work.
Make up Bag
Bag to hold all make up (must bring to all competitions) you never know.
Soft Pencil Eyeliner black
Will place under water eye just a little to make the eyes pop (can use for eyebrows as well)
Pink Matt Lip Stick
Plz do not get the glossy one
Pink Eye Blush
For your cheeks
Make up Remover
Use to take off make up and to clean up glitter on face.-bring to all comps.
Brush Kits
You need to use brushes with making the glitter look fuller-cleaner(better control) no q trips please.
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How to do Hair Poof